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Flensted -High end grading for high quality frites

Flensted is the largest company in the processing of potatoes and production of finished goods. Flensted is located in the center of the largest potato area in Denmark and process 50,000 tonnes of potatoes annually. They produce process potatoes as french fries, potato chips and fritters. Besides Flensteds own brand so produced are also products as a subcontractor. Before investing in SKALS equipment had Flensted a desire to raise the intake capacity from raw material storage to the pre-processed potatoes from 15 to 25 tons per hour. At the same time

Flensted a desire to significantly reduce waste in process production, thereby increasing efficiency and earnings. The investment should therefore include an effective wash, a classifier that ensured a homogeneous commodity, and finally wanted to weed out discolored potatoes in order to ensure that the process of production only got a high quality of raw materials and thereby reduce waste, increase efficiency and thus increase earnings.