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Skals Machinery A/S starts cooperation with Agropak to increase the offered level of production lines for the vegetable market in Russia.

In 2021, Skals Machinery A/S acquired Ekko Maskiner in order to implement the company’s growth and development strategy to become an important player in the agricultural equipment market for pre-sale preparation and processing of root crops. All manufactured equipment and the best models of Ekko Maskiner will be produced under the Skals Machinery A/S brand at factory in Vejle.
All employees, technicians and designers of Ekko Maskiner continue to work at the factory. The merger of the leading Danish manufacturers was the beginning of cooperation with Agropak, which we are pleased to inform you about.

Søren Lund Madsen, CEO of Skals Machinery A/S, says: “I see the partnership between Skals Machinery A/S and Agropak as a great opportunity to improve the quality of service for our customers in Russia. We know Agropak as a high-level engineering company, focusing on pre-sales preparation and full-cycle packaging for root crops. Agropak is a highly qualified dealer, for whom long-term cooperation with all its customers is important. I am convinced that the partnership will be an update to our existing relationship with Russian customers and I am really looking forward to working with Agropak to ensure the growth for both companies.”

Founded in 1896, Skals Machinery A/S has been manufacturing machines for handing potatoes, carrots and onions for over 125 years. In recent years, Skals Machinery A/S has focused on creating a modular product program with high quality and flexible solutions that can be tailored to individual customer needs.

From 2022, Agropak will represent Skals Machinery A/S equipment, as well as integrate it into previously installed Ekko packaging lines. Moreover Agropak will provide service support and supply of spare parts for all Ekko and Skals equipment.

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